domingo, 5 de julio de 2009

Pagan Dreams Compilation VIII - Sounds of the Tzar's Lands

Hi to all again!
After one month without a compilation, I return with this new issue. The present volume, the eighth, is fully dedicated to the Russian and Ukranian bands, some of them are very known for all, as the case of Nokturnal Mortum and Temnozor. Another ones are more unknown, and I hope sincerelly then they will be a really new discover for us!
The tracklist is the following;

  1. ALKONOST (Rus): Uzory Pechali (7:12)
  2. ARKONA (Rus): Ot Serditsa K Nebu (5:06)
  3. ELFSWORD (Rus): The Dark Sky Of Nifelheimr (4:21)
  4. KALEVALA (Rus): Камышовая Тропа (4:30)
  5. KRODA (Ukr): Poppyflowers are blossoming (8:16)
  6. MUNRUTHEL (Ukr): The Preceding Dawn Dance Of Dennitsa (7:46)
  7. NOKTURNAL MORTUM (Ukr): In Flames Of Wooden Churches (7:11)
  8. NOMANS LAND (Rus): Lord Of The Seas (5:33)
  9. RUINA (Ukr): Ukruina (4:47)
  10. SVARTBY (Rus): Tomte (4:16)
  11. TEMNOZOR (Rus): Werewolf (5:04)
The download link is:

Enjoy it!

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Isam dijo...

Hostia, qué guay, tengo 0 idea de pagan metal, me irá bien esta recopilación para introducirme en el tema ^_^


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