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Compilation Pagan Dreams V - Eastern Fury

Hi to everybody at now! This is my first post in English, I hope to write correctly, jejeje...
Here are for all you the fifth compilation of my blog, a compilation that I've dedicated this one to the pagan /viking /folk metal bands from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Rep. and Hungary, the last countries of Eastern Europe that I didn't see until now. Remember, the third compilation was about the Balkan countries; and the fourth was about the Baltic countries.
Of coruse, insidethe RAR file, you can see a PDF file with the tracklist, some additional information about each track and the different covers' pictures; and a playlist file in .m3u format.

The tracklist is:
  1. CONCUBIA NOCTE (Slo): Horn Of Veles (4:03)
  2. ECHO OF DALARIDA (Hun): Védj Meg Lang (6:39)
  3. GRAVELAND (Pol): Outro (To Die In Glory) (7:00)
  4. HELLVETO (Pol): Laconic Death (9:54)
  5. HROMOVLAD (Slo): V Ohni Zhynie Ludsky Tvor (6:07)
  6. PALADRAN (Cze): Dolendag (7:04)
  7. RADOGOST (Pol): Ogien Zywy Niczym Krew (5:27)
  8. SACRA ARCANA (Hun): Round The Fields Of Athenry (4:47)
  9. TROLLECH (Cze): Kolobih Vod (6:01)
  10. SLAVLAND (Pol): W Blasku Grommu (4:45)
  11. ZREC (Cze): Kammeny kult (5:39)
As you can see, many of the bands are unknown. So, I believe sincerely that the recopilation is more interesting for all

The download link is the following:

Thank you for your support... and sorry for the mistakes!!


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Leyre dijo...

Wow, your first post in English. You have made some mistakes but I think nobody will have problems to understand you. Good job! You already know I am in favor of English being the international language. No frontiers in the web!

But remember, the anglo-saxons laugh like ha,ha,ha, not with je,je,je.


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