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Compilation Pagan Dreams VI - Hellenic Heathen Chants

Hi to everybody at new!
Here is at the end the sixth volume of the compilation that I release monthly. In this issue, the compilation is dedicated fully to Greek pagan metal bands. Some of them will be known for many of yours, others are more unknown and more attractive for it.
I must advertise a serious issue: Bannerwar and Darkthule are two of the most famous NSBM scene bands worldwide. I have to remember all people, this blog is not a political blog. Consequently, these bands are in the compilation exclusively for musical reasons, never political. I not support in any form this kind of bands!!
So, the tracklist is:

  1. ASTARTE: Naked Hands (5:13)
  2. BANNERWAR: Unchaining The Wolf (7:15)
  3. DARKTHULE: In The Sight Of Dawn (6:35)
  4. DRAUGLUIN: Arrival (3:01)
  5. FAETHON: Pan, Lord Of The Woods (5:21)
  6. KAWIR: Cosmic Verve (8:51)
  7. LLOTH: In The Weep Of The Ocean (6:17)
  8. ORDER OF THE EBON HAND: To Alloces (6:34)
  9. URANUS: Songs & Dances Of Death (7:35)
The download link is the following:

I hope that you enjoy it!!


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