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Pagan Dreams Compilation VII: Hail To Ragnarök Festival

Only a pair of weeks ago, it's celebrated the Ragnarök Festival 6, probably the biggest Pagan / Viking / Folk Metal festival in the world, and surely the best. From this blog, I want to tribute this event with a double volume of my monthly compilation. In this issue, the two RAR files contains songs of many of the bands that played this year in Ragnarök Festival. There are not a song of each band that played because I haven't songs of some bands (Andras, for example) or because the size of the file is limited. The first volume contains bands that played the first day; the second volume contains bands that played the second day.
But you have 19 tracks in two great compilations, a mighty tribute to this superb festival!

The tracklists are:
Vol. I
  1. ADORNED BROOD (Ger): Hiltia / 6:05
  2. ALESTORM (Uk): Wolves Of The Sea / 3:30
  3. FALCHION (Fin): Dying Dreams / 6:51
  4. FINSTERFORST (Ger): Die Suche nach dem Licht / 6:21
  5. HEIDEVOLK (Ned): Hengist en Horsa / 5:13
  6. KIVIMETSAN DRUIDI (Fin): Korpin Laulu / 5:19
  7. KORPIKLAANI (Fin): Beer Beer / 2:59
  8. MELECHESH (Isr): Oasis Of Molten Gold / 4:00
  9. TYR (Fro): Ólavur Riddarós / 4:36
  10. WOLFCHANT (Ger): Feuerbringer (Loki's Zankrede) / 4:31

The downloading link is: http://www.mediafire.com/?niz5n20didm


  1. ALKONOST (Rus): Vreyma Yarosti / 5:46
  2. COR SCORPII (Nor): Bragder I Stein / 5:57
  3. DARK FORTRESS (Ger): Stab Wounds / 8:10
  4. EINHERJER (Nor): Ironbound / 3:41
  5. FEJD (Swe): Jaren / 3:40
  6. FJOERGYN (Ger): Katharsis / 5:23
  7. IRRBLOSS (Swe): Irrbloss / 5:04
  8. THYRFING (Swe): En Sista Litania / 7:09
  9. YGGDRASIL (Swe): Kvälling Över Trolska... / 5:10

The downloading link is:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?000qkymyzwi

I hope that you enjoy it!


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Qué te parece el último de Wolfchant? Para mí una pequeña decepción :S


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